Hi I’m Josh, the Conversion Copy Guy…


Right at this moment, I am under the heavy protection of an elite team of security specialists.

These guys make the Navy SEALs look like girl scouts. They make Jack Bauer look like Tinkerbell. They pre-taste my food, and practically follow me into the bathroom.

Why do I need such extreme protection?

It’s provided by my clients, an illustrious group of top Digital Marketers and agencies, who rely on me for their success. They know that while I may not be the next Hemingway, or win a Pulitzer…

I DO understand the psychology of persuasion.

I’ve done hundreds of Direct Response campaigns, for some of the largest companies on the planet. I stay apprised of the most advanced, cutting-edge conversion research. And I strive relentlessly, to string words together, revising, tweaking, in the pursuit of a message that excites, persuades, and most importantly…CONVERTS.

Am I a little crazy? Perhaps. Do I get results?


Your conversion copy needs to seize control of brain cells…

It needs to get people to do stuff they had no idea they wanted to do.
It needs to persuade prospects to give you money…and be happy about it.
It needs to use psychology, neuroscience, and age-old persuasion techniques to do these things.
Most importantly, it needs to get results…like generating leads, downloads, sales, subscribers, credit card numbers, and anything else you need.

Conversion copy is not a cakewalk. It’s like the “heart valve replacement” of writing, a highly specialized craft.

Most copywriters are writers by trade, who happen to do marketing.

I am a marketing and conversion specialist…who happens to be a writer.

Ironically, copywriting does NOT need to be hard…

Experts have spent decades cracking the code, compiling formulas, and devising systems that are proven to work. You can ride their coattails. If you follow their formula and plug in their system (which is very accessible, and often free), you’ll get amazing results.

I’m not saying it’s easy. But it IS scientific and formulaic. Yet sadly, most copywriters don’t do this. They CAN’T do it. Why?

Because ironically, they’re too creative for their own good. They can’t help themselves. If they stick to a formula, they feel “stifled”, and don’t get to “express themselves.” In fact, they struggle to understand marketing concepts like value propositions, usp, features/benefits, branding, positioning, hooks, and triggers.

Instead, they write stuff that’s “creative”.
Stuff that looks pretty.
Stuff that’s literary, artistic, and poetic.
Stuff that’s “catchy.”

Their artistry gets in the way of science. They throw data and research out the window. They forget that unlike other writing, conversion copy is NOT about expressing creativity.

It’s a recipe for disaster.
Their “prose” does everything under the sun, except one thing. The only thing that matters.

Their words may be “epic.” But my results are epic. Which do YOU choose?

It’s NOT about “pretty”, winning a Pulitzer, or even “sizzling.”
When you gauge the success of conversion copy, only one metric matters.

I have devoted my life to that metric. And I’ll make it happen for YOU and YOUR CLIENTS.

I’m the guy Digital Marketing Agencies call…when Dan and Joanna are not available.

(Full disclosure: That stuff I said earlier about “heavy security”? That may have technically been hyperbole and poetic license. But you get my drift.)